Want to have the happiest marriage possible?

Then don’t have sex until you are married.

Delaying sex until marriage makes for more satisfying and stable marital relationships for both men and women.

That’s not an opinion.  That’s a fact.

In fact, the longer a non-married couple waits to have sex the better and better their overall relationships becomes, and that “investment” early on in the relationship benefits the marriage for the long term.

Those who wait until they are married to have sex report significantly greater relationship stability, higher relationship satisfaction, better sexual quality and greater communication.

Those who have sex within the first month of dating show the lowest marital satisfaction.

People who are dating often desire sex.  They also desire to someday have a successful marriage.  They need to understand that to give in to the desire to be sexual early in the relationship could lower the ultimate satisfaction they feel in their marriage.  By first developing a non-sexual relationship based on friendship, shared interests, and trust, they are much happier over the long-term when sexuality is introduced into long-term, committed relationship.

When it comes to sex, do yourself and others a favor – wait.

You’ll be glad you did.